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That is the substance of remembering -- sense, sight, smell; the muscles with which we see and hear and feel -- not mind, not thought: there is no such thing as memory: the brain recalls just what the muscles grope for: no more, no less ...................................................William Faulkner

Our sense of 'feel' is the original sense; the first sense developed in humans -- our primary sense. Apart from the brain itself the skin is the body's most complex organ and it contains hundreds of receptors which allow us to feel -- pleasure, pain, pressure, cold, heat -- all coming through the skin........................The New Massage

Massage is a very personal experience. It will reach all of your body's thousands of receptors, and on a deeper level, reach into your spirit. Massage is relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing -- all at the same time. I begin all massage sessions with talking to you about your body -- is there a particular area of concern? Is there an injury? What is your preference: deep muscle work? light touch? pressure point? or some combination of it all? Are you allergic to any oils?

Always, before placing my hands on you, I offer prayer - "that the work that is done be in the Highest Good" - for the next hour you are invited to just breathe, totally relax and enjoy. At the end of your session, I will point out any areas that showed up as in need of attention and offer suggestions as to what you can do to continue the healing process.

All massages are a form of healing; yet, not all massages include a healing. The difference being the energy channeled and the reading included. In the same vein, though I use oils during massage, not all massages are aromatherapeutic. The difference being, the use of specific essential oils for specific purposes.

Massages are offered in three ways:
1)Full Body Massage
2)Aromatherapeutic Massage
3)Full Body Massage with Healing

Massages are scheduled by appointment only.
If you would like to schedule, please email me.




"YOU, who are the source of all Power, all Light, all Love, All Healing
YOU, who illuminates the world with thy Loving Healing presence
Illuminate also through me, that I too may do thy work"....(adapted from the Gayatri)

In Prayer is where all healings begin.
To say that "I" am a healer is a misnomer. I am a channel for healing energy. It is you, in co-creation with your Source, that does the healing work. My work is to assist you in opening to that work. And so, I begin with prayer, asking to be open as a channel for your healing; asking that Angels and Guides attend and assist us; asking that all that is needed by known; and asking that the work done be in The Highest Good.

A healing can be for a specific illness or injury or it can be more general. In all cases, that which is revealed is what is needed. I receive from my Angels information about what is going on not only in your body but also within your spirit. Past life information can show up. Energy blocks are revealed. Injuries and wounds you are not conscious of, yet which are being revealed now as needing work, can show up. Healing energy is called through to all areas of need.

At the end of your healing I will explain all the information I received. If certain herbs are appropriate that will be talked about. If Animal totems were revealed that will be discussed. Mantras and Affirmations will often be given. Whatever the Angels and Guides reveal as assisting in your healing will be offered.

Healings are offered in two ways:
2)laying-on-of-hands with crystal layout

Healings are scheduled by appointment.
If you would like to schedule a Healing, please email me.

Service Fees

1 hr. full body massage

$65 (plus tax)
1 hr. Aromatherapeutic massage
$75 (plus tax)
Massage with Healing
$100 (plus tax)

Laying-on-of-hands Healing

$75 (plus tax)

Healing with Crystal Layout

$100 (plus tax)


I do adhere to and comply with Minnesota State Statute 146
which addresses
Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners

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