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dreamcatcher, Actual size =300 pixels


"To sleep, Perchance to Dream"

A Dreamcatcher begins with the hoop. Using grapevines primarily grown in my own garden, I wind the hoop following the natural bends of the wood. The hoop is then wrapped with suede, leather or wool lacing. Using natural wool, sinew or cotton twine, I allow Spirit to lead my design of the web. Pony beads, crystals and gemstones, feathers and skins will be used as I am guided to do so. Special requests or needs expressed by the customer are always responded to. The starting price for a Dreamcatcher is $30, 5 in. diameter.

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The Medicine Bag or Pouch is a smaller, personal carrier of the Medicine Bundle. In Native American tradition, the Medicine Bundle was a collection of items that came to an individual in a variety of ways (gifts given, things collected, etc.) and represents the Totems of that person's Power Animals or Allies among nature. It contains anything that represents "medicine" to the Bundle's owner. In my Medicine Bag I carry crystals, a blue bird feather, tobacco and a lock of my hair. A Medicine Bag can be worn around the neck, around the waist or remain in one's sacred place, such as one's altar. Medicine bags begin at $25.

medicine bag, actual size=240 pixels

Blessing A Home Shield; Actual size=240 pixels wide

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Medicine bag, actual size=240 pixels

The Medicine Bags shown here are made with suede and leather and handstitched with leather or suede bindings. To each has been added various items, adding both beauty and calling in particular energy to the wearer: snakeskin, fox fur, glass beads, and clear quartz, hematite and tiger eye crystals were used.

When you receive your Medicine Bag you will also receive detailed information about the materials used and the "medicine" (energy) that is being reflected or called in. For example, deer skin reflects or calls in "gentleness", amethyst crystal reflects or calls in "medicine" which is useful in dealing with sleeplessness or anger.


A Personal Shield, actual size = 240 pixels

The Shield to the left was designed for blessing of a home. The Shield above is a personal shield. Each hoop was woven from grapevines, though you will notice a difference in thickness, which is a personal choice. Each was bound using suede lacing. Leather, deer skin, and suede were added as the major background elements. Fur from the beaver, fox and rabbit were used as were pheasant, guinea hen, duck, goose and grouse feathers. Clear quartz, hematite, smoky quartz, citrine, topaz, turquoise, and carnelian crystals were used. Shields can be designed one-sided for hanging against a wall - beginning at $50. OR designed for both sides when it will free hang - beginning at $75.

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