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The journey in my work as a Spiritual Counselor has been long - sometimes difficult, yet always rewarding. It began with my Grandmother, born of a Cherokee mother, who began to pass on to me the traditions of the "Cherokee Way" when I was four. Together we studied herbs, we studied healing, and she taught me about the appropriate use of my talents. In the years that followed, I continued my studies with many shamans, sages and wisewomen, incorporating many different philosophies into my work. It has always struck me as humorous that people think of this work as "New Age" when in actuality its roots are firmly planted in the wisdom of the ages, the Ancestors.

It has been my priviledge to be in this work for 20 years. My work is about Spirituality, Healing and Wholeness. It is about working with individuals, groups and businesses who, like me, are journeying on a path toward Higher Consciousness. It is about working with others who are striving to live and work with commitment, consciousness, passion, creativity and aliveness. My work is about healing on all levels, Body, Mind and Spirit. I do this through counseling, facilitation, massage, herbalogy, aromatherapy, healings, and through the creation of my Medicine Bags, Dreamcatchers and Shields. Being in this work is my greatest joy! It is the work I am called to do and bringing this work into the world is truly, my heart's desire!

For many years, I have gifted friends, family and partners in the healing work (I do not like the word client or patient) with Medicine Bags, Dreamcatchers or Shields. They were and are another way to bring the work into the lives of people. Many times I have been encouraged to create them for the market place and I always declined. Now, through guided vision, is the time. The world is wanting. The work is needed. The people are ready and so am I.

And now I invite you to join me in the Journey. Enjoy the work, the legends and the history. Feel free to write if you have questions. And of course, Your Orders are always welcome!

Healing Hands<>Healing Hearts

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