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Each Shield, Dreamcatcher and Medicine Bag has it's own unique design - no two are alike. Added to each design you find a variety of beads, gemstones, crystals, metals, feathers, skins and other natural materials. Each brings a special "medicine" (energy) to the owner. I incorporate the requests and needs of customer with the information received through prayerful meditation and guided vision. Each design is "Spirit" lead.

Samples of the Work

Design Example #1 -- A Shield for Healing

a shield for healing; Actual size=240 pixels wide

According to Native American tradition, the "Shield" is hung to guard one's space - sleeping, workspace, and or home. A Shield brings in and/or reflects unique energies and properties. Native Americans call this "Medicine". A Shield reflects the unique "medicine" of the individual who bears it as well as calls to that person or place the "medicine" of the shield.

Design Example #2-- A Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher for one's sleeping space

The "Dreamcatcher" is used in many cultures, yet all have similar 'roots'. In my tradition, The Cherokee Way, as with many Native American tribes the dreamcatcher was woven and hung above one's sleeping space. According to legend, "good" dreams would get through the web and "bad" dreams would be caught by the web. As my grandmother taught me, I pass on to you - "one must be careful in judging a dream and calling it "BAD", the Grandmothers of the Sleep Space send you messages through your dreams, often we call things bad just because we don't like hearing what is said".

How to Order

To order a custom designed Shield, Dreamcatcher or Medicine Bag please use the Order Form on the Contact Me page, just click on the link below:


The sizes on each of the products varies - I take into consideration the use, i.e., a petite shield for hanging in a car (approx. 4 inches in diameter) will be much smaller than one designed for hanging in a home. Prices therefore vary depending upon the order made. A petite shield is $25. Dreamcatchers range in size from 5" to 10" in diameter and in price from $30 to $50. Shields generally start at approx. 10" in diameter and begin at $50. Large shields may be as large as 20" to 24" in diameter and are priced at $200. Two sided shields can also be designed. Shipping and handling charges are additional.


Design Example #3 - Various Medicine Bags

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